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We make it easy for non-profits to do what they should be doing. Raising more money more efficiently and effectively through our low-cost online and mobile fundraising platform and service.

Founded in 2017, we have been on the cutting edge of online fintech technology since the early days of the industry.

Our mission is to create an easy platform and service that didn’t exist in the marketplace. This is subscription-based tool that actually helps small non-profits connect with the people who live and work in their community and distinguish themselves from what everyone else is doing.

ChipEnz is like
a a virtual tip jar for easy fundraising.

The platform’s unique capabilities enable non-profits to maximize the fundraising power of everyday transactions.

ChipEnz’s ultimate goal is to further the missions in the community of the non-profits we serve. Our clients include Norwalk 2.0, and hopefully yours!

Meet the Team:

Our Executive Team and Board is comprised of experts in the fields of Non-Profit Management, Fundraising, Technology, Social Media, Advertising and Finance.


Jackie Lightfield

Jackie Lightfield started a nonprofit in 2010 after a career in tech startups. She quickly identified the need for helping nonprofits raise money as efficiently as possible.  Prior to joining ChipEnz, Jackie brings  a long history of achievement in the profit sector, including 20 years of tech product development success. She has held executive leadership roles with software publishing, personal finance software and gaming software  technology start-up companies.  Jackie is thrilled to combine her passion for building local community economic development skills to worthy causes with her business acumen in order to bring similar success and growth to ChipEnz’s customers.